BB Kitty Baby Pants TODDLER

BB Kitty Baby Pants TODDLER, At BB Kitty, we know a comfy baby is a happy baby, and that’s why BB Kitty Baby Pants TODDLER are our most perfect fitting diaper, designed specifically for your active baby.

Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, these disposable baby diapers are free of fragrances and parabens, as well as elemental chlorine and natural rubber latex, making them safe for sensitive skin.
High quality BB Kitty Baby Pants TODDLER are made for worry-free running, jumping and playing, 360-degree soft elastic waist bands can make baby move freely, The Innovative 3D core not only locks away 99% of wetness on contact, but also has extra protection layers to keep your baby’s skin dry for up to 12 hours. BB Kitty baby diaper also comes equipped with a soft, back pocketed waistband that works to contain messes, even when your baby is on the move. With a wetness indicator of a yellow line that changes to blue when wet, you can easily know when your baby is ready for a diaper change.

BB Kitty baby pants feature 5-layer protection plus targeted absorbency. Stretchy sides allow the pants to fit and move like underwear, helping to protect your child against overnight accidents. The absorbent pad wicks away moisture, and a leak barrier provides additional protection to help keep pajamas and sheets dry at night.

BB Kitty baby pants, one night one piece ONLY. BB Kitty, born for babies, care for moms.

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