BB Kitty Brand Story

The birth of BB Kitty: a moment of warmth and dreams.

In a moment filled with warmth and dreams, BB Kitty was born. The founder, Sharon, is a happy and beautiful mother whose heart is filled with deep love and meticulous care for her child when her family welcomes the joy of a new life once again. BB Kitty is not just a diaper, but also a product that incorporates a mother’s tenderness and love into every detail of the product.

The Beginning of a Dream

The origins of BB Kitty: Creating smiles, weaving comfort - unparalleled care and relentless pursuit of quality

The story of BB Kitty begins with a mother’s deep attachment to her child, and the relentless pursuit of creating the highest quality and most caring products. In this warm embrace, each diaper is like a sequel to a smile, bringing endless comfort and warmth to children.

Premium Diapers

With advanced high-efficiency absorption technology, it absorbs liquid quickly to keep baby's skin dry and prevent discomfort caused by moisture.

Premium Nappy Pants

One-piece pants are designed to wrap around baby's calves and waist 360 degrees, providing more comprehensive protection and preventing side leakage.

Quality Certification​

Certified Excellence: BB Kitty's commitment to diaper quality

When choosing a product for your child, brand trust is crucial. Children’s diapers are not only a comfortable and reliable choice, but also require a quality assurance that has been rigorously certified. BB Kitty is proud to have many authoritative certificates for our products, which are made with highly effective absorbent technology, soft and breathable, and never contain any chemical additives. Our products are not only a layer of paper and a layer of love, but also contain the relentless pursuit of innovative technology and environmental protection.

Embracing the globe

BB Kitty's footprints in international markets

BB Kitty is a love from afar, with footprints in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, Australia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and other international markets. In the embrace of this world, each piece of diaper carries our sincere blessing for the growth of children, because we firmly believe that every child deserves to be cared for. We have initiated a public donation campaign to send full of love and care to build a caring community together.

BB Kitty Born For Baby​

Looking to the future, BB Kitty harbors a firm vision. We will continue to pursue innovation, put more effort into environmental protection, and create better products for babies around the world. We hope to become the first choice of every family, because we firmly believe that happy times begin with BB Kitty.

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