BB Kitty Baby Pants CRAWLER

BB Kitty Baby Pants CRAWLER selects imported raw materials from all over the world, and we are committed to being a trusted national brand.

The birth of a new life implies commitment and responsibility, and the period of growth is fleeting, although the endless care and protection is especially precious.
Our mission is not only to make diapers more comfortable and soft, but also to make the use experience safer to avoid various skin diseases or rashes.So we use such as 3M from America, Sumitomo from Japan, Henkel from Germany, HYOSUNG from South Korea and other global high-quality raw material suppliers to create cross-border alliances, create the best products, and provide the ultimate care for the world’s babies!

Product Feature And Application

Don’t leak, and don’t hurt! Keeping every inch of baby’s skin comfortable is what we care about the most, and it is also the most worrying issue for all mothers. Once you choose our BB Kitty brand,choose BB Kitty Baby Pants CRAWLER, these problems and worries will disappear and time will tell!

We select the world’s top 500 raw material suppliers to achieve quality controllability, traceability and long-term quality stability. In particular, the double-layer three-dimensional anti-side leakage partition is made of cotton soft water-retaining non-woven fabric, which is thin but not broken, permeable but not wet, so that each baby’s legs can enjoy safe and comfortable exercise protection. We break the structure of traditional diapers and greatly optimize the water absorption, absorption speed, water retention and breathability. The second and more excellent is the waistline, 2.5 times the elastic waistband, which is more fit and firm, so that the baby can be immersed in the security of the father’s broad shoulders.

Product Details

Ultra thin baby pants! What is ultra-thin baby pants?

Ultra-thin BB Kitty baby pants will tell you the answer!The 3D full core layer of natural dry cloud soft cotton surface, the unique absorption core of the whole piece keeps the baby dry at all times, not easy to form lumps, and it is soft and soft like a cloud.As thin as 2 mm, the breathability effect is super excellent, and the absorption is better than most of the products on the market. It is easy to achieve an absorption of 1200 ml once a night, and mothers can finally sleep peacefully every night! No worries about leaks, no worries about getting up again at night to change your baby’s diaper, because we use the best absorbent materials to manufacture and manufacture BB Kitty products.

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