BB Kitty Baby Diaper JUNIOR

High quality BB Kitty Baby Diaper JUNIOR is famous for true baby care, a diaper tailored for babies all over the world. The size of babies in each country is different, so for this feature, we have higher requirements for diapers for babies of this age: according to our market data, the size of diapers is designed, the material is soft, and it is suitable for the climate of different countries.

To accommodate baby’s movements, our diapers absorb more water faster to keep the surface dry and breathable. After thousands of studies and tests in our R&D department, we finally developed the BB Kitty baby diaper JUNIOR. Attached with Velcro, it is easy to put on. Soft and breathable top and back panels for fast water absorption. Our baby diaper is loved by distributors and customers all over the world.


BB Kitty Baby Diaper JUNIOR, an all-around wrap-around elastic waistband, just attach the Velcro! Easy to take off and wear. It is your baby’s first choice. With advanced production equipment and mature industry experience, we are also the supplier and manufacturer of many other brands. Selected from global high-quality raw material suppliers, combined with China’s strong manufacturing advantages, and produced in strict accordance with ISO9001, BB Kitty baby pants are specially developed for junior high school babies. Global dealers have received millions of praise, and the open agency system has created good business opportunities for many dealers.

Product Feature And Application

In addition to our full range of wraparound elastic waistbands and convenience for every mom, BB Kitty baby diaper features fully reinforced Japan imported full SAP absorbent core. With a non-woven topsheet and spunbond backsheet, the soft and breathable air provides more care and care for your baby’s skin. The double-layer 3D leak-proof cover provides more leak-proof features, allowing your little one to move freely. Moisture indicators and waste tape show how much we love your little one. Easy to take off and wear. BB Kitty is the first choice for world champions and yours!

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