BB Kitty Baby Diaper TODDLER

High quality BB Kitty Baby Diaper WALKER is popular with mothers and babies for its soft material, safe and non-allergenic surface technology and simple and cute logo design.

BB Kitty Baby Diaper TODDLER is designed specially for Toddler baby whose urine volume will be relatively larger and require stronger absorption. In addition, the baby’s movements are very rich. The design of the diaper should be adapted to the baby’s movements to prevent the leakage.

Product Feature And Application

BB Kitty’s every mom’s favorite. One piece per night has been recognized and trusted by the world champion. BB Kitty Baby Diaper WALKER has high softness, good water absorption and good elasticity. Using advanced production equipment, our team has mature industry experience, whether in customization or own brand, we are a high-end raw material supplier in many countries around the world, we have our own factory and professional international foreign trade department.

BB Kitty baby diapers are produced in strict accordance with ISO9001. Every production step is under the constant control of quality administrators. BB Kitty disposable baby diapers have been recognized by national certificates: CE, FDA, SGS, etc. We have loyal fans all over the world, we have an open agency system, and we have created good opportunities for many dealers. Welcome businessmen from all over the world to join our agency team!

BB Kitty baby diaper, born for babies, care for moms. One night one piece ONLY.

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