BB Kitty Baby Diaper NEW BORN

BB Kitty Baby Diaper NEW BORN with premium quality, they are better than Japanese quality, good quality is loved by many moms. BB Kitty Baby Diaper NEWBORN are designed for newborn babies, they come with belly button cut protection.

Baby Diapers need to keep the belly button cut protection, and do not need to cover the baby’s belly button, especially for newborns. During this period, the baby’s umbilical cord has not recovered well. If the diaper covers the belly buttonl, the belly button is prone to infection. So BB Kitty NEWBORN was born to take care of the newborn baby and take better care of the baby. Therefore, when you use baby diapers for your baby, you should change your baby frequently to avoid diaper rash.

Product Feature And Application

BB Kitty Baby Diaper NEW BORN, with World Champion Brand Ambassador. One piece one night, BB Kitty diapers with high absorbency and high quality. Moms no longer have to worry about not getting a good night’s sleep, BB Kitty diapers will do it all for you! We have advanced production equipment and machines, baby diapers produced by the most advanced manufacturing machines imported from Japan, and secondly, our raw materials come from global high-quality raw material suppliers such as Japan’s absorbent polymer, American 3M Velcro, American Fuller glue, etc. Combined with China’s strong manufacturing advantages, we have developed BB Kitty baby diapers, which have solved many problems for many families! BB Kitty disposable baby diapers have received various certificates and medals: CE, FDA, SGS, etc.

Product Details

BB Kitty Baby Diaper NEW BORN is made of absorbent material imported from Japan, Sumitomo SAP, 1g can absorb 100ml. Moms no longer have to worry about any leaks and rashes. The top layer of BB Kitty is made of non-woven material with super soft and fine fibers, it feels as soft as cotton, such soft material is excellent for baby’s skin care, the high absorption capacity avoids the dampness caused by diapers Skin allergies or rashes caused by the environment. Especially the double-layer 3D leak-proof cover provides more leak-proof protection, allowing your little one to move freely. The specially designed S-cut mini tape can protect your baby from being cut by the tape, showing our meticulous love for your little one. The humidity indicator can be a good reminder for mothers to change new diapers in time, which is excellent for new mothers.

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