BB Kitty Baby Diaper WALKER

High quality BB Kitty Baby Diaper WALKER is popular with mothers and babies for its soft material, safe and non-allergenic surface technology and simple and cute logo design

BB Kitty Baby Diaper TODDLER is designed specially for Toddler baby whose urine volume will be relatively larger and require stronger absorption. In addition, the baby’s movements are very rich. The design of the diaper should be adapted to the baby’s movements to prevent the leakage.

Product Feature And Application

BB Kitty Baby Diaper TODDLER,first choice of world champion. One night one piece, BB Kitty diaper is of great absorbency and super quality. With advanced production equipment and sophisticated industry experience, we are also the supplier and manufacturer of many other brands. Selected global high-quality raw material suppliers, combined with China’s strong production and manufacturing advantages, BB Kitty baby diapers are produced strictly under ISO9001. With our strict quality management system, BB Kitty disposable baby diapers have obtained various certificates and medals: CE, FDA, SGS and so on. Worldwide distributors harvest millions of positive review, and the open agency system has created good business opportunities for many distributors. If you are interested,come and join us!

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