BB Kitty Baby Diaper CREWLER

BB Kitty Baby Diaper CREWLER is a well-known brand of baby diapers in China, which is deeply loved by every user. The BB Kitty diaper brand is committed to providing the best quality diapers for babies to take care of their growth.

The products have been developed and tested by our professional team to confirm that they meet every stage of the baby. From the moment the baby is born, mothers can choose the BB Kitty baby diaper, so there is no need to worry about choosing high-quality diapers for the baby.

BB Kitty disposable diapers use a lot of advanced technology. The first is that we use an Japan ultra-thin absorbent core, which makes our BB Kitty Baby Diaper CREWLER very thin, and the thickness of each diaper does not exceed 5mm. The ultra-thin baby diaper fits the baby’s buttocks more, making the baby more comfortable. Second, we choose high-quality materials to make our diaper topsheet and backsheet softer and more comfortable. Third, we used the most advanced 3D leak guards, which has a better leak-proof effect and makes the baby’s thigh more comfortable. There are many more advantages waiting for you to discover.

BB kitty disposable baby diapers are available in six sizes, including NB S M L XL XXL, your baby can choose to use our BB Kitty baby diapers from birth, each size has different absorption capacity, which can meet the use of each stage of the baby. Each piece of BB Kitty Baby Diaper CREWLER has a Wet indicator. During the process of use, it can remind to change diapers for babies. At the same time, our diapers have good absorption and can maintain the topsheet to a large extent. Dry and make your baby more comfortable. BB Kitty baby diaper, one night one piece ONLY. High safety, our BB Kitty baby diaper is hypoallergenic and takes care of your baby’s health.

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