BB Kitty Baby Pants JUNIOR

Born with a real mother’s care and love, high quality BB Kitty Baby Pants JUNIOR is specially produced for junior kids. Babies of this age are of higher requirements of diapers: the material should be soft and of ergonomics design to be suitable for babie’s movements, the absorbency should be bigger and quicker to keep the surface dry and breathable.

After thousands time of tests by our R&D, we finally developed the BB Kitty Baby Pants JUNIOR. Pull up pants,easy off easy on. Soft and breathable top and back sheet, quick and big absorbency. Once published, it get welcomed by the distributors and customers all over the world.

Product Feature And Application

BB Kitty Baby Pants JUNIOR, 360°wrapping elastic waistband, just pull and it’s up! Easy off easy on.Your N.O 1 choice for your junior baby. With advanced production equipment and sophisticated industry experience, we are also the supplier and manufacturer of many other brands. Selected global high-quality raw material suppliers, combined with China’s strong production and manufacturing advantages, produced strictly under ISO9001, BB Kitty baby pants are developed specially for junior babies. With our strict quality management system,BB Kitty Baby Pants JUNIOR have obtained various certificates and medals:CE, FDA, SGS and so on. Worldwide distributors harvest millions of positive review, and the open agency system has created good business opportunities for many distributors. If you are interested, come and join us!

Product Details

Beside the 360°wrapping elastic waistband and its convenience for young mothers, BB Kitty baby pull ups is of fully reinforced Japan imported full SAP absorbent core.Soft and breathable air through non woven top sheet and spunbonded back sheet provide more care and love to baby’s skin. Double layer 3D leak guards provide more prevention of leakage, and allow your little one move freely. Wetness indicator and the waste tape show our meticulous love to your little one. Easy off easy on. When it comes to pull ups, BB Kitty is your first choice!

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