BB Kitty Baby Wipes 80PCS

High quality BB Kitty Baby Wipes 80PCS are one of the BB kitty brand series products, which are deeply loved and supported by the majority of users.

Our baby wipes are produced by 99.9% ultra-purified water, which goes through a 7-step process that makes it purer than tap, boiled or sterile medical water to provide a deeper, more effective clean. BB Kitty baby wipes are unscented, hypoallergenic and gentle enough for the most sensitive premature, infant and newborn skin.

BB Kitty baby wipes were created by a mother, inspired by a daughter. Our founder developed wet wipes after her newborn suffered from bad diaper rash, and she realized skin this pure needs care that’s just as pure. So she created the world’s purest wipes to help protect her child and help other parents do the same for theirs.

Use plain weave high-quality spunlace planted fiber non-woven fabric. The plain weave is more suitable for the baby’s skin, reducing friction, and each wipe passes through the skin like a feather . The formula of BB Kitty baby wipes in liquid is specially developed for babies, with zero additives (no alcohol, essence, fluorescent agent, heavy metal, formaldehyde, etc.), and the main liquid is pure water after multiple purifications to ensure the health of the baby.

The packaging design of BB Kitty baby wipes 80PCS is very careful. It uses a large lid and opening, which is convenient for easy extraction during daily use. It can be opened and closed multiple times to prevent moisture loss and keep the wipes in the packaging moist. The anti-adhesion design is adopted, and one piece is extracted at a time, which is convenient for use according to actual needs. In terms of size, we have increased the length and width, which is more convenient for daily wiping .

BB Kitty, born for babies, care for moms.

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